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Welcome to Toten Folkehøgskole

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Imagine using a year exploring the fantasy universe. Our starting points are movies and literature, and we develop our own world. - "One Treacle Tart to rule them all!"

In addition to movies and litterature, we will learn to use Adobe programs like Photoshop and After Effects. You will also learn basic special effects using make-up, masks and costumes.

Although fantasy is a fictional genre, it is known to use  real places, real events and real people as a base. Because of this, we look at fiction vs human history. The goal of the year will be to develop your own character with all that comes with it. We will be making costumes, working with drawings and painting, history, photography, movies and pretty much everything that is necessary for a character to thrive in a fantasy story.


Want to learn about Chinese culture? Ever had a dream of studying the Chinese language? Well this Folk High School is just for you! With an emphasis on China and Chinese, this course will give you an insight into Asian culture and language. It also gives an oppurtunity to learn a little Japanese and Korean as well! Culturally speaking, these three countries have much in common. Chinese is kind of Asia’s Latin, and has had great influence on Korea and Japan both culturally and linguistically. Korean and Japanese are relatively similar and difficult languages both in grammar and structure, while Chinese resembles a little bit more on the way we actually speak. Here is your chance to get invested in a rich culture, and open yourself to new possibilities! The class trip takes us to all three of these countries, where you get a chance to test out the languages you’ve learnt and immerse yourself in the language that you will spend the year studying.



This is the course for those who are curious! Curious as to why someone has so much more to learn than others, curious as to why someone always seems to have a good time while others are struggling to see the meaning of existence. During the year we also find new things to be curious about. Sometimes we find answers, and sometimes we are just bemused. During the year, we go through the basic and important theories and discoveries in psychology, education and management. We will try to replicate some of the psychology of history’s best known experiments in the classroom. The emphasis on teaching will be to discuss subjects. For example, discussing what these theories have to say to us, and what they can be used for in everyday and professional life.

During a school year, we tend to have many field-trips. Visiting a psychiatric hospital, and a prison both happen in the year during the PPL course. We have several companies visit where we learn about various companies’ marketing strategies and branding. During the school year, the students also get to try their hand as teachers once or twice. Toten Folk High School is often asked from one of the community’s primary schools if we can take over lessons when their staff is doing a course. This makes a very instructive day for both the our students as well as the primary school’s students.



The SOS course is the course  for those who want a year of self-development through exciting and meaningful activities, but it’s more. It can also be and for people that eventually could imagine a job within an emergency services, defense, prisons or similar training. Education takes place as a combination of lectures and practical training. All of the learning of new skills takes place from ‘scratch’. YOu will experience success to a certain point before proceeding to the next step. We are looking for those seeking challenges, but not to the extreme. Our focus is on safety and with great detail to make you see the good mastery experiences of later life. You don’t need to have any special knowledge to take this course, and you will get far with a curiosity and interest for what the SOS line stands for! You will learn about first aid, training theory, life support, nutrition, steep short, health theory, fire safety, we cards, training, planning trips, along with being social, making new friends and so much more! Welcome to the team!



With our Stage, Music and Theater course, everything is possible! You get to to try being an actor, writer, artist, musician, songwriter, set designer, costume designer, makeup artist, lighting and sound engineer, and much more. You are taught skills such as acting techniques, improvisation, movement, role development, singing, dissemination, songwriting, understanding text and sound and lightwork. If you want to develop your instrumental skills, you also get the opportunity to do so. Projectwise, we’re going to work with special effects and stage makeup, creative writing and theater sports.



Do you want an active year where your own health is at the center? Then the Nutrition, Training, and Health course is the course for you!
Having a good, healthy lifestyle is more than just training and physical activities. Our mental health is also important, so that we can feel good about ourselves. That’s why with this course you can learn so much about how you can get a more positive outlook on life and yourself, as well as the people you have around you. Self-esteem and confidence are the most important aspect for us. When the year is finished, we hope that you are well on your way to be the best version of yourself! You will naturally learn a lot about training and about what different forms of exercise to do with your body. You will have the opportunity to be physically active every day through various activities. Cycling, swimming, running, strength training, climbing, ice skating, skiing and various types of ball games are just a few that we will partake in.
A state of the art fitness center is among other things at your disposal every single day! We love being out in free nature, so therefore we are out on trips in both summer and winter! The important thing is that we are helping to manage the activities for your level- therefore this works for both those who are well trained and for those who are not! You will learn a lot about food and nutrition, like what foods your body would like to have. We promise that you will gain knowledge about food that is not so familiar! This knowledge will bring you further after the year at the school is over, so you can continue with a healthy lifestyle in the years ahead. We make lots of healthy food, and we are enjoying ourselves a lot with shared dinners together with the class. Our motto is that healthy food has to taste good!
The class trip will take us to the Fitness Paradise Club La Santa in sunny Lanzarote!